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Clever optimization of cleaning processes
Heavily soiled motors, tools or production parts? Sensitive or hard to clean surfaces? Starting today, you can meet the widest variety of challenges with just one device: the COOLMASTER, the latest in dry ice blasting units. The compact helper weighs just 36 kg and works flexibly, efficiently and economically in almost any industrial environment.
Cleaning processes which used to be time-consuming and loud can now be completed very easily and flexibly during ongoing operation with the quiet COOLMASTER. Laborious cleaning overnight or on the weekends is a thing of the past. There are scarcely any operational limitations here. The handy dry ice blasting unit is already being used successfully in a wide variety of industries alongside the automotive, plastics and food industries. And it cleans just about anything from aircraft carriers to the smallest electrical components.
One of the device’s unique selling points is the innovative grinding system. This can be individually adjusted and grinds ice crystals of between 0.2 mm and 3 mm as required. The benefit: the COOLMASTER efficiently removes all types of soiling efficiently and with high precision from surfaces, whether smooth, rough or extremely fine-textured. Entirely without damage to the surface and without putting strain on it. In addition, the pressure with which the dry ice pellets hit the object can be variably adjusted to suit the degree of soiling and the surface to be cleaned, whether it’s hard steel or soft brass.
At the same time, the dry ice blasting unit contributes to considerate handling of resources, because employees need to spend less time working with the COOLMASTER in comparison with manual cleaning. Long downtimes for machines are also eliminated because the machines no longer need to be laboriously cleaned from the inside and outside or disassembled. Thanks to the low air and dry ice consumption, the device operates in an extremely economical manner.
The COOLMASTER convinces with an innovative appearance. Sets standards with regard to quality and design. And cleans without any chemicals.
The benefits of the COOLMASTER at a glance:
  • Precise cleaning of soiled molds, tools, machines and other components
  • Simple operation, intuitive menu navigation
  • Versatile use in a wide variety of industries
  • Quiet for use during ongoing operation
  • Low compressed air and dry ice consumption for all-round efficient working
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning, completely chemical-free
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Dry ice sets new cleaning standards
From the food industry through to aviation: dry ice cleaning sets new cleaning standards. Because dry ice removes soiling from components which other means are hardly ever able to handle. At any time, without interrupting processes.
In the procedure, dry ice blasting units accelerate particles to supersonic speeds. When the ice crystals hit the surface, they immediately transform from a solid to a gaseous state. This results in micro explosions and a cold shock of -78.5 °C. Machines, molds and many other components are thoroughly cleaned in this manner, and undesirable substances are entirely removed from the surface. Even in control cabinets, since dry ice blasting is not conductive.
With dry ice cleaning, users benefit from the fact that no moisture is generated, and nor is any toxic residue. It is environmentally friendly. Employees are not faced with substances which are harmful to health. And the residues left behind can be swept up with minimal effort and concern - or can be vacuumed away.
Another highlight: cleaning with dry ice is non-abrasive. As a result, accumulated dirt can be removed from surfaces of any degree of sensitivity without worrying about damage to the surface.
The benefits of dry ice cleaning at a glance:
  • Effective cleaning using micro explosions on the surface which removes undesirable substances
  • Non-abrasive, so that surfaces are not damaged
  • Completely safe, since dry ice blasting is not conductive
  • Spotless cleaning with no blasting media residue
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly cleaning with no chemicals or water
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