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"Won’t work" – doesn't exist with the COOLMASTER! You can clean almost anything with the latest in dry ice blasting units. The possible applications are practically unlimited: whether in the plastics, automotive or food industries, in aviation, even in the electronics industry or in the restoration of building facades. Once the COOLMASTER is in use, it often turns out that it is suitable for far more fields and applications than originally thought. Because the dry ice blasting unit can easily be individually adjusted for cleaning of a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Try it for yourself and discover the possibilities: 
For example, service machines and plants and keep them in good repair. In this manner, you not only extend the service life of your production facilities, but also improve the quality of your end products and comply with norms and industry standards at the same time. Cleaning using the COOLMASTER can even be done on hot machines during ongoing operation, so molds and tools in the plastics industry can be cleaned directly in place, for example.
Or perhaps you want to remove dust and soot from turbines or filters on aircraft? Clean oil-covered motors, fuel pumps and machines? The COOLMASTER helps you here and removes contaminants from the appropriate components with a high level of precision.
Because the device is equipped with a unique and innovative grinding system which crushes dry ice pellets into a variety of sizes, from 0.2 mm to 3 mm. This unique selling point makes the dry ice blasting unit a real all-rounder. And thanks to the variety in the size of the ice particles and a multitude of other adjustable parameters – such as pressure and quantity of dry ice – it is possible to handle almost any cleaning task.
The many benefits of dry ice are also grounds for this multifunctionality. As a result, contaminants are removed effortlessly, without the use of water or chemical substances: grease, oil, adhesive, food residue, paint, dust, resin – the array is endless. In addition, no damage is done to the surface, and people, nature and the environment are not endangered.
Convert your production and cleaning processes now and take advantage of a quick and simple cleaning method. The COOLMASTER is certain to be usable in your industry too. We are happy to provide advice concerning your individual challenge! Contact us using our contact form.