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COOLMASTER: The latest in dry ice blasting units
Do you work in industry and your manufacturing processes don't pass through your machines without a trace? Want to remove heavy soiling from molds, tools or plastics with precision?
We have the solution for you: With the COOLMASTER, the latest in dry ice blasting units, you can overcome such challenges carefully and without taking a lot of time.
Flexible, robust, suitable for continuous use
Remove soiling which has built up over months in almost any industrial environment with the COOLMASTER. Alongside the automotive, plastics and food industries, the handy device can also be flexibly used in other industries and cleans anything from bread makers right through to the control cabinets for a wide variety of equipment with the greatest of care. At the same time, the dry ice blasting unit is extremely robust and efficient, meaning that it can also be used for continuous operation.
Precise and gentle cleaning of a wide variety of surfaces
The COOLMASTER is equipped with an innovative and unique grinding system. Because it crushes dry ice pellets into a variety of sizes: from 0.2 mm up to 3 mm. Thus, it is not only possible to remove soiling from surfaces of any type and a wide variety of degrees of sensitivity, from iron through nickel and chrome to soft aluminum or plastics, it is also possible to reach corners and angles in narrow surfaces without a problem and effectively clean them with the small particles – entirely without damage to the surface and without putting any strain on it. Alongside the variation in the particle size, the compressed air can also be individually adjusted to suit the actual cleaning task: heavy soiling can thus be precisely removed from rough surfaces; more sensitive surfaces can be handled carefully. With the COOLMASTER, you thus remain flexible even within your company and will continually discover new areas of application.
All-round efficient working
Are you tired of having to remove tools from machines in order to be able to clean them? With the COOLMASTER, this process is a thing of the past: The dry ice blasting unit removes the soiling within just a few minutes right there – and even during operation. This is possible not least because the COOLMASTER works very quietly. You can therefore say goodbye to loud cleaning processes during the night or on weekends, forget long downtimes and use your most valuable resource – your employees’ working time – more efficiently than ever.
The COOLMASTER also convinces with its efficient operation: the dry ice blasting unit requires an average of just 15-18 kg of dry ice per hour and 500-600 l of compressed air per minute. When it comes to compressed air, it can even be connected to existing air pressure systems. 
Quick and easy to use
After just minimal training requirements, you are able to use the COOLMASTER, weighing in at just 36 kg: the amount of dry ice, compressed air and particle size can be adjusted very easily for the surface to be cleaned as required through the menu or through the control unit on the device. The entire operation of the COOLMASTER is intuitive, even the settings in the menu. Using an interface, there is also the option of personalizing optional programs and settings or connecting the dry ice blasting unit to an automation solution.
Environmentally friendly cleaning – completely chemical-free
In contrast to mechanical cleaning processes, which often result in contaminated waste which often requires complex disposal, cleaning with the COOLMASTER is done entirely without any chemical additives. This is not only good for the environment, it also guarantees a healthy working environment for your employees.
The COOLMASTER convinces with an innovative grinding system. Sets standards with regard to quality and design. And cleans without any chemicals. Contact us now and discover the dry ice blasting unit with a demonstration.
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Scope of delivery
  • CM 100 dry ice blasting unit
  • Blast gun with 3 m hose (robust and light, extendable up to max. 9 m)
  • 5 m compressed air hose
  • Nozzle set (1x flat, 2x round)
  • PPE set (goggles, etc.)
  • Large and small ice shovels
  • 5 m earthing cable with clip
  • Intensive training
Technical specifications:  
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Additional accessories:

Additional parts are available upon request. Hose-extension, nozzle-suitcase, dry ice boxes, software package for automation solutions and much more. Also we will gladly give you a personal consultation you regarding compressed air solutions as well as pelletizers for the dry ice production and the possibility for application in automation.


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