The technology behind the COOLMASTER
One device – infinite areas of application. Because all of the functional parameters for the dry ice blasting unit, from particle size through to compressed air, can be adjusted finely and individually, and can be perfectly adapted to suite a wide range of requirements. The blasting nozzle can also be changed quickly as required. Whatever the surface which needs cleaning, the COOLMASTER is there to provide flexible help with almost any task.
The grinding system
The grinding system is the core component of the COOLMASTER and is one of the main reasons for its great cleaning power and flexibility. It sits directly in the machine and works very innovatively: Because, in comparison with conventional dry ice blasting units which often only grind in the gun, the grinder in the COOLMASTER crushes the pellets evenly to the desired size right at the start of the process. After crushing, the ice particles are accelerated together with the compressed air and are blasted uniformly and purposefully at the components to be cleaned. Thanks to the adjustable degree of grinding, ice particles can be produced in a variety of sizes which are suitable for almost any surface structure. Even angled joins are cleaned precisely and extremely thoroughly. If a variety of parts are ready for cleaning, the particle size can be adjusted quickly and flexibly. Another highlight: owing to the special arrangement of the grinder within the dry ice blasting unit, the blasting gun is light and easy to handle, and the cleaning jet works homogeneously and evenly.
The individual adjustment options for all parameters make the COOLMASTER not only effective, but also the perfect choice for every cleaning task. All adjustments can be made very easily:
Grinder adjustment:
Depending on what the prevailing surface structure is and what ice particle size is required for cleaning it, this can be set in seconds through the menu and adjusted for changing structures: whether course or fine, sensitive or robust. Select a particle size between 0.2 mm and 3 mm using the color-coded area on the adjusting lever and clean each surface with the right ice particle size.

Selecting the blasting nozzle:
Once the particle size has been set, the only thing left to do is to attach the blasting nozzle which corresponds to the color-coded blasting area and the particle size to the blasting gun. The nozzles can be changed without a problem under all operating conditions and are simply screwed onto the mouth of the blasting gun.
By adjusting the grinder and the blasting nozzle, you can get ice particles in a wide range of sizes, from very fine up to sizes of 3 mm. You can thus meet the requirements of all surfaces.


Compressed air setting:
As well as setting the particle size, adjustment of the compressed air is essential for effective and precise cleaning. This too must be perfectly matched to the surface which is to be cleaned. The homogeneous jet of compressed air permits a pressure of between 0.5 and 10 bar and is changed through the program in the menu. In order to manage the compressed air setting as simply as possible, default values are saved in the program. However, this can also be individually selected and defined in the menu.
The technology in the COOLMASTER at a glance:

Connecting automation solutions:
The COOLMASTER has an interface via which the programs and settings can be customized and automation solutions can be connected. Use the COOLMASTER continuously on a production line, for example, and ensure that the parts produced undergo residue-free cleaning at the right point.
How you operate the COOLMASTER:
Operation of the COOLMASTER is intuitive and simple: a variety of programs and settings, such as compressed air, are selected and defined using the control knob. The menu is visible on an LCD display at all times.

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